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Brooks Kolb’s Blue Ridge Garden Featured in “Pacific NW”

In a story titled “Fairy Tale on a Hill,” Seattle Times garden writer Valerie Easton described Seattle Landscape Architect Brooks Kolb’s recent Blue Ridge garden in the May 4, 2014 issue of “Pacific NW” magazine. When Brooks first viewed the property in 2009, the dilapidated stone path to the fairy tale house pierced through such a dense, dark tangle of trees that it might have led Hansel and Gretel to the big bad wolf. Still, there was much charm in the low fieldstone walls and haphazard flagstone paving. The beautiful 1925 Tudor house, with its mixed stone and clinker brick chimney built from materials partly found on site, needed to be revealed in all its glory.

Brooks edited out trees, allowing others like a giant Coulter Pine and a tall Larch to take the limelight. He widened the paths, adding bluestone steps, stone benches with thick bluestone caps, and a thick new wood gate. The fieldstone walls were reshaped and, perhaps most successfully, two existing artisanal stone pillars, mixed with river rock and brick, were replicated to frame the gate. Now giant pine cones grace the wall caps, serving as companions to the graceful copper frogs on the original pillars. But the garden doesn’t stop at this re-worked entry; it sweeps around the house to a large lawn and then descends abruptly to a lower law nestled against a greenbelt maintained by Seattle Parks and Recreation. The natural patina of a mature Pacific Northwest garden, with plenty of ferns and moss, graces all the grounds.

Here’s a link to the full article:  http://seattletimes.com/html/pacificnw/2023387569_0504nwlbrillongarden1xml.html


Entering the garden


The fairy tale house revealed



Owner Maureen Brillon and Garden Writer Valerie Easton enjoy the sunny garden